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The Get On Social team is dedicated to helping you, the business owner, take advantage of the marketing opportunities that social media provides.

We aim to reduce the time and energy you spend on social media so that you can funnel your passion into your business, while maintaining online contact with customers and potential customers.

What You Get

social media for businessesBusinesses everywhere are using social media’s impressive popularity to instantly spread the word about new offerings, limited-time specials and important updates. The marketing potential is mind-boggling: Facebook alone has over 1 billion users who spend more than 700 billion minutes per month on the site.

Now you can tap into that exposure for your business for only $29 a month without wasting time logging on to all the different social networks and slogging your way through their interfaces. Get On Social, an email-based social media service, offers daily updates to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages so you can devote your time elsewhere.

Get On Social sends you an email every morning asking you to simply reply to the email with a message intended to be read by your customers and prospective customers. Just reply with anything you’d like to publicize and Get On Social will broadcast your message to your target market throughout the big three social media platforms. Simple! There are no long-term contracts and no hidden fees. Just business-building buzz. The combination of raving testimonials, proven effectiveness, and affordable prices makes Get On Social your solution.

Call (877) 504-3385 today and watch Get On Social empower your business through social media.

Why It Works – The Get On Social “Butterfly Effect”

Social Media Butterfly

Meteorologist Edward Lorenz demonstrated that the small disturbance created in the atmosphere by a butterfly’s wings could contribute to extreme weather conditions on the other side of the world.

In business as in weather, small changes can have far-reaching results.


Forget the hassle of social media.

Let us do the work, so you can focus on the work you love.

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