Why establish a strong Social Media presence?

Businesses everywhere are using social media’s impressive popularity to instantly spread the word about new offerings, limited-time specials and important updates. The marketing potential is mind-boggling: Facebook alone has over 850 million users who spend more than 700 billion minutes per month on the site. LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 120 million members. Professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate that is faster than two new members per second. The new way for a business to take advantage of word of mouth referrals is by establishing an effective presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Millions of consumers worldwide refer to a business’ social media pages while in the process of making their purchase decision. These social media pages give the new customer insight into what other consumers are saying about the business and how many others are endorsing this business (by pressing that they are fans, followers, or likers of this particular business).

Why is our Social Media Campaign so effective?

With one of the most technologically advanced teams of web developers on the East Coast of the United States, Get On Social prides itself on being able to offer extremely effective online marketing services for businesses. The Get On Social team has gone to great lengths to develop the ultimate recipe for establishing an effect brand presence and building a targeted social media outreach campaign.

Social Media Brand Presentation

Facebook recently forced all Business pages to convert to the new Timeline structure which has many Business pages in complete disarray. Our team has mastered the new Business Facebook Timeline construction strategies and will create a strong, professional and brand consistent presence on Facebook. Our next step is to establish a legitimate LinkedIn Business Page for your brand. Once we have accomplished this, we then create a professional and consistently branded Business Twitter page as well.

Engagement Strategy

Get On Social will send you or a member on your staff an email on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday asking what you’d like to announce that day to your Social Media following. You do not always have to reply, but our team of content writers will be ready to review every reply that you send to the Get On Social system to make sure that the grammar is correct, that the links are effectively working, and that the message is clear and concise. Our creative team welcomes any and all information about the business, its services, upcoming events, etc. With this information, our team will be equipped to effectively inform and reach the social media community on behalf of your brand. This engagement strategy builds the business’ brand on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by having your business consistently engaging customers within the social media community.

Tip Jar Effect Branding

Get On Social also has a vast network of social media users that embrace our client’s social media pages with “Likes” and “Follows”. This stimulates what we call the Tip Jar Effect. Street performers put money into their tip jar before they even perform because this increases the likelihood that others will put tips in the jar as well. Similarly to this, once a business’ Facebook or Twitter page has more likes and follows, customers are more likely to Like and Follow the page as well. Not only are customers more likely to Follow or Like yours pages as a result of the Get On Social network, but they also are more likely to purchase from your business because of the higher amount of Likes and Follows that your social media pages have.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Not only does Facebook have over 850 million users, but it also has distinguishable personal data about every single one of these users. In addition to Facebook’s detailed database of personal information, LinkedIn also has access to professional details such as users’ location, language, education, work, age, gender, likes, interests, connections. When launching either a Facebook targeted ad campaign or a LinkedIn targeted ad campaign, businesses can effectively reach out to extremely qualified potential new customers. Using the extensive notes that our team gathers from the business owner, the staff, the website, and all other related content, the Get On Social team launches several targeted campaigns on Facebook and or LinkedIn (the platform is selected depending on the specific target market on each client). As a result of all of the personal information stored by Facebook and LinkedIn, our team is able to hone in on potential new customers within a specific location, with particular interests, within an age range, and those who have certain jobs.

What to Expect: Results, Deliverables, and Pricing


Our Results

Our quality of work and our ability to deliver effective results allows us to state that our team of developers is one of the best at what we do. Over 70% of our ~150 acquired clients over the last year have been referrals from our other satisfied and impressed clients. The bottom line is that our clients are happy with our service. They are seeing results; therefore, they are continuing to work with us. This is a testament to our dedication, our customer relations, and overall capabilities.


“We have been excited to see significant growth of our brand on Social Media and more importantly, an increased number of domestic and international sales over the last year that we have identified as being a result of the monthly Get On Social campaign. Scar Heal Inc. proudly recommends Get On Social.”

Glenn Joyner, CEO of Scar Heal Inc.



When you choose us you’re making the decision to use professionals. We are straightforward, we work diligently, and we are objective in tracking our progress. We will provide reports each month that outline statistics and trends with regards to the brand’s social media reception, engagement, and outreach.


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