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Why is Search Engine Optimization so essential for a business?

Today, a business’ website placement on search engines unquestionably influences its success or failure. The website can and should serve as a primary lead generation and client acquisition tool for every business. In order to effectively generate leads, the website must have targeted visitors who are searching for the particular service or product that your business offers. In order to generate this targeted organic traffic on the business website, these prospective customers need must be able to find your website when searching for that service or product on search engines.

Why is Get On Social’s SEO service so effective?

With one of the most technologically advanced teams of web developers on the East Coast of the United States, Get On Social prides itself on being able to offer extremely effective online marketing services for businesses. The Get On Social team has gone to great lengths to develop the ultimate recipe for delivering top results when it comes to Search Engine​ Optimization (SEO). Our team of dedicated developers are constantly analyzing and researching the search engine ranking trends and tendencies in order to prioritize our agendas for each SEO Campaign that we run. We carefully craft our Search Engine Optimization strategies to remain entirely compliant with the policies and expectations of search engines such as Google. In other words, every single detail within our SEO Campaign formula is unanimously regarded as a White Hat SEO implementation process. Our firm consistently delivers top notch results for our clients and as a result, we can proudly announce that we still have a perfect 100% client retention rate since the firms inception in 2010.

In-Site Optimization

We’ll adjust the back-end of your website to get the most out of it. This includes:

  • HTML organization
  • Metatag structuring
  • Content visibility enhancements
  • Canonical urls
  • De-duplication
  • Site structure optimization
  • Sitemaps

Link Building

It’s not a secret that having high quality links helps boost a website. We manage:

  • Analysis & management of outgoing links
  • Building high quality backlinks

Google Places / Google + Business Page Optimization

For a local business, having an optimized Google Places / Google + Business Page listing that targets prospective customers within your specific location is essential. Anyone searching for a business like yours in this specific area will see the optimized Google Places and Google + Business Page before anything else. In order to effectively optimize these listings, our team ensures that effective, concise content as well as the appropriate keywords share a message that is consistent with the primary website. Once this has been accomplished, both the website and the Google Places / Google + Page will start to move upward in the local and semantic search results for Google. Get On Social will help your business get found by doing the following:

  • Create and manage the Google Places Listing
  • Create and manage the Google + Business Page
  • Website keyword alignment
  • Content synchronization

Our Trade Secret Optimization

Some ingredients within our white-hat SEO recipe are commonly understood within the tech world as important methods of improving a keyword’s SEO (In-Site Optimization, Google Places/ Google + Business Page Optimization); however, others have not yet been uncovered by many firms. These higher level tactics set our firm above the rest. That being said, we elect to not disclose certain ingredients within our constantly evolving SEO formula that continues to yield some of the most effective results in the industry.

What to Expect: Results, Deliverables, and Pricing

Our Results

Several of our clients work within the scar reduction and dermatological industry. The keywords in this industry have some of the fiercest competition due to the extremely high number of skin care retailers online. Our SEO campaigns such as Scar Heal Inc. ( have seen all of their decisive keywords (such as product names and brands) rise from ranks over 300 to top 3 ranks on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


“We tried several different SEO firms before Get On Social and saw a minimal return; however, since Get On Social has been running our SEO campaign over the last year, our keywords have skyrocketed to the top, our website traffic has tripled, and our conversions have drastically increased.”

Glenn Joyner, CEO of Scar Heal Inc.


Our quality of work and our ability to deliver effective results allows us to state that our team of developers are the best at what we do. Over 70% of our clients over the last year have been referrals from our other satisfied and impressed clients. This is a testament to our dedication, strong relationships with our clients, and our overall capabilities.


When you choose us you’re making the decision to use professionals. We are straightforward, we work diligently, and we are objective in tracking our progress. Our extensive reports will be provided each month. The reports will show the exact progress that we make, and you will be able to see the targeted keywords continuing to rise in ranks. In summary we provide the following:

  • Consistent rise in keyword rankings
  • Consistent web traffic increase
  • Extensive monthly reports


Based on the number of identified target keywords, on their level of competitiveness, on the webite’s current positioning and backend structure, our current SEO campaign rates vary. All of our clients are able to pay on a monthly basis and can choose to cancel at any time. This being said, we highly recommend a campaign of at least 3 months because decisive results from an SEO campaign do not usually begin to fully surface until then due to the nature of search engines’ caching and repositioning.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will give you a month to get to know our firm’s standards to customer service, execution and reporting. We invite you to try our service for a month and will be more than willing to give a 100% refund if you are not completely satisfied with our work.

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