Get On Social: One of the “Hottest regional companies in social media”

Southern Capital Ventures invited Get On Social to present at the Entrepreneur’s Series: The Impact of Social Media in 2012. The Get On Social team attended the event on Monday (2/27/2012) and really enjoyed meeting the Raleigh business community.

Southern Capital Ventures wrote:

“First, we have the founders of four of the hottest regional companies in social media present. Each will give just a 2 minute product pitch, why its important and talk about who is using it. Pitches from:

Greg Artzt, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, General Sentiment
Brett Apter, Co-Founder, Get On Social
Anil Chawla, Founder and CEO, ArchiveSocial
Joe Davy, Founder and Chief Product Officer, EvoApp”

Event details can be found here.

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