Testing Social Media Cross-Platform


One of our Laptops, a Dell Studio XPS, running Ubuntu.

Today we’re spending some time testing Social Media cross-platform. Facebook, Twitter, and Google spend a lot of time working to make sure that their platforms work on different operating systems, devices, browsers, screen-sizes, and connection speeds.

It is also important for business owners to be aware of these factors, both with their websites and social media updates. When delivering a message with a call to action, try and limit any “roadblocks” that would keep interested and engaged users from completing your “conversion” – whether it be signing up for an newsletter, visiting your site, or buying a product.

Some “roadblocks” might be things like requiring a user to sign-in or fill out long forms, sending a user to a page that isn’t optimized for mobile devices, or when the call-to-action page is slow to load because of large images or normal sized images without a content distribution network.

At Get On Social we’re¬†cognizant¬†of all of these factors and can help you optimize your messages and increase your ROI and conversions.

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